'Yes the school has good values and an excellent teaching ethic. Everyone is approachable and we love the sense of
community all the staff and children have.'

Quote from Parent Questionnaire Feedback - April 2017

Our Easter Gardens - made at home during the school closure for Covid19 virus

Our School Values

Our school values are based on 12 Christian Values and each term they are the focus for our school worship and learning. 

2020 2021:

Service, Justice, Truthfulness, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Generosity

2021 - 2022

Trust, Respect, , Courage,  Cooperation, Friendship, Perseverance


Our pupil led 'Values Volunteers' monitor the effectiveness of the impact of the Values across the school. Values and the Collective Worship focus are linked and entwined with the curriculum and daily teaching and learning. 


Teachers Out, Values Volunteers In!

 At the end of every term, the Values Volunteers will take worship to remind the school of the value they have been focusing on throughout the term as well as the key teachings.

Below is an example of how this works.

Our Greeting

After the introduction, the Year Six Girls (Values Volunteers) lit twelve, red tealights that represent the twelve values:

·         Truthfulness

·         Respect

·         Courage

·         Generosity

·         Cooperation

·         Perseverance

·         Forgiveness

·         Trust

·         Friendship

·         Thankfulness

·         Service

·         Justice

There is one large candle in the middle of the tea lights which represents our value at the moment - Truthfulness.

Our Worship

After lighting the candles, we asked all of the children what their favourite assemblies were this term about truthfulness. We shared our favourite stories and reminded them of other stories that they heard over the term:

·         Jake did it;

·         The Widow and The Judge;

·         The Tissue of Lies;

·         Daniel and The Lion’s Den;

·         The Boy Who Cried Wolf;

·         Peter’s Denial;

·         St Lucy;

·         And many more…

Our Reflection

To finish our Collective Worship, we thought that we would let the rest of the school have a quiet moment to themselves. We recited a series of questions about how they might show truthfulness:

How can you be truthful outside school?

Consider a Bible story from this term, would you like to be like one of the characters in that story?

How do they show truthfulness?

Written by The Values Volunteers (Willow, Georgia, Tilly and Teya)