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Oaksey C of E Primary School

.... we shine brighter together!


Oaksey C of E Primary School | The Street, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 9TG

01666 577221


Class 3 - Year 5 and 6     'we shine brighter together...'

In all, there are 26 friendly individuals, 13 Year Fives and 13 Year Sixes

and two adults, Mr Skill (Teacher) and Mrs King (TA) in Class Three.

Throughout the academic year, we enjoy a wide range of topics - supplemented by a variety of outside instructors and teachers.

Click here for our topic learning - Spring 2020


During our guided reading this term, we have been sharing and exploring Floodlands by Marcus Sedgwick. Today, the children put themselves into the shoes of one of our main characters, Dooby - the leader of the Eels.
Whilst trying to capture and portray the brave, aggressive and smart nature of Dooby, the children were tasked with writing a persuasive speech to encourage the 'Eels' (Class Three) that they should be the leader.
After opportunities in groups to share their speeches, a selection of the most persuasive were chosen to be read in front of the class - Tilly 'Dooby' Clarke, Willow 'Dooby' Carver, Fred 'Dooby' Greenhill and Ella 'Dooby' Fuller.
Once everyone had acted out their speech, a blind vote was conducted with the majority deciding that Willow 'Dooby' Carver's speech was the most persuasive:
Hello fellow people of the Eels,
Today I am here to convince you that I should be your leader! Obviously, I have vast supplies of food and clothing, which right now I can see you are all desperate for.
In return, I ask that you help me around the cathedral. If you don' can take a little swim!
If anyone was to start to bother you or you saw something suspicious you would immediately report it to me! If you were to keep something from me, well let's just say your blood might make a beautiful paint in my chapel.
Together, we can make this island great again!
Whose with me?

 Bristol Cathedral Visit ....... by Teya Brezan

As part of 'Share A Pencil Day', Class Three spent the morning considering inequalities within our society as well as across the globe. To experience what it is like to recieve an education without our range of resources, the children, in pairs, shared one piece of paper, a pencil and a whiteboard. They were tasked with writing a story about inequality using the prompt '...Gerald just couldn't stop laughing...' The pictures beneath show the children listening to Gabi and Reuben's story 'The Refugee' 
Today, a new girl appeared within our school. Her name was Bella, or so she thought. She was unusual. She was different. Her deep brown eyes would stare intently at Mrs Hughes, our teacher, lost in a foreign world. A foreign language. Bella couldn't read or write. She was practically mute, and deaf from the sounds of bombs erupting in her home country of Syria....
As part of British Science Week (8th-17th March), Class Three shall be exploring the journey of plastic - production, use, waste, recycling/repurposing. Within our week, the children will be exploring, designing and building a 'new' item made from recycled plastic bottles. As a result, Class Three will need a fair amount of plastic bottles of varying sizes, colours and shapes during the next week. Could you please rummage throughout the recycling and send your child to school with two-three bottles each.

At the beginning of Term Three, Mr Skill set Class Three a challenge to read enough books to build a tower taller than Emily.

Every child has contributed a book to our tower, with the average book being 281 pages - kindly calculated by the Year Six Girls.

The most popular authors seen in our tower, 69 books high, were Jeff Kinney (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), Liz Pichon (Tom Gates), David Walliams (Ice Monster, Gansta Granny, etc) and Michael Morpurgo (Friend or Foe, Warhorse and Kensuke's Kingdom). 

Making 'Brush Monsters in Science!

On Friday 15th December, Class Three were joined by Mr Edward Richards a Mechanical Engineer from Atlantis Resources who wanted to give us a taste of what being an engineer was like. We were also joined by Mrs Pitman-Jones and four children from Sutton Benger.

Mr Richards began the morning by explaining the role of a Mechanical Engineer whilst also giving us an insight into his most recent project designing, building and installing multi-million pound tidal turbines off the coast of Northern Scotland. 
We then spent the rest of the session with Mr Richards deepening our understanding of electrical circuits, their components and electrical diagrams for our Brush Monsters followed by learning about how an off centered mass can effect the movement of a object, specifically our Brush Monster.
Our Brush Monsters were made from ordinary dustpans and brushes!!
Once we had tested our bare Brush Monsters, we used the remainder of our session to decorated them and their 'nests'
The stages in making the final monstrosities are below. 

Class Three and Mr Skill would like to thank everyone, especially FoOS, who have donated unused or brand new reading books to us. After finding a moment to sort through the vast selection, they've added  more variety to our bookshelves. Below is a selection of books, stamped, banded and ready to be read.

In our current topic, Electricity, we spent the morning investigating the effects of resistance on voltage within a circuit. To help us to understand the idea, Mr Skill drew a chalk circuit on the playground including a light bulb, switch, battery and resistor.
We began by walking around the circuit to mirror the power within a 1.5 Volt battery moving all the way to sprinting around our circuit to demonstrate the power within a 240 Volt circuit. This helped us to understand the difference between the amount of power within different circuits. 
Mr Skill then added in a resistor made from two benches. When walking around with the resistor in our circuit there was minimal effect to the flow of electricity however when we mirrored the 240V circuit we immediately noticed that there was a massive backlog as we had to slow to move through the resistor.
In the classroom, we followed this up by creating our own resistors made of wire wrapped around a pencil. 
Mr Skill and Class Three