Admissions to Oaksey School

Please Follow this link for "Oaksey CE Primary School Admissions Policy"

Parents who wish their child to attend the school are very welcome to visit the school prior to entry and this can be simply arranged by telephoning the School. If this is your child’s first school they will be invited to visit the school and spend some time with us before entry on a full-time basis. This will allow your child the opportunity to get to know the school, their teacher and the routines before they start. If you are living outside the school’s designated area, parental choice may be exercised providing that the school’s staffing and accommodation allow. A final decision is made by Wiltshire Local Authority. In this case parents are responsible for the transport of their own child to and from the school each day.

At 11 years of age, most children transfer to Malmesbury Secondary School following initial visits by the children and close liaison between our school and the Secondary School staff. Some children also transfer to other Secondary Schools and close links are maintained with these schools to ensure the children’s smooth transition to their next stage of education.

If you wish to apply for a place in our school please use the link below.

Applying for a school place - Wiltshire Council

If you wish to appeal against a decision regarding the school place your child has been offered, please follow the link below.

Appeals Link - Appealing against a decision - Wiltshire Council

Immunisation information for parents of new Reception children

Over Subscription Criteria:

Oaksey School’s approved admission number (PAN) is 13 and when the number of applicants to a Year group exceeds the school’s approved number the following criteria is used:

• looked-after children (within care of Wilts County Council)

• children living within designated area

• children with medical conditions

• siblings

   Other children

Reception Children

Admissions Children will be offered full time schooling from the beginning of the school year (i.e. September) in which they are five years old. Induction Programme Children who will start school in September will be invited to attend for one visit each week for three weeks in the Summer term. On starting school they will attend mornings only in the first week of term, and if they are settled and secure, full time from then on.

They will be encouraged to stay to lunch when it is felt that the children are ready to do so and then be collected at about 12.45 pm.


 Our school uniform is as follows

Navy, light blue or white poloshirts or blouse

Light striped or checked dresses

Grey, navy or black trousers, shorts or skirts

Navy blue sweatshirt, cardigan or fleeces

Black  or navy shoes or sandals (sandals in the summer must have a strap around the heel)

PE - navy shorts and white T shirts


Sweatshirts, poloshirts, bookbags and  fleeces with the school logo on them are available from the school office