'Our child enjoys the wide variety of activities and experiences that are available to try. Every
child is encouraged to enjoy learning in a positive way.'

Quote from Parent Questionnaire Feedback - April 2017

Our School Curriculum Intent - for our full School Curriculum Offer - click here

   “The curriculum is to be thought of in terms of activity and experience rather than of knowledge

to be acquired and facts to be stored”

Our school vision is held at the heart of our curriculum - “As individuals we let our ‘light’ shine but we shine brighter together.”  We recognise, support and encourage the individual child and their talents but share these talents through whole school collaboration. We learn from each other so that we are able to “shine brighter together.”

 As a school, we believe that the purpose of education is to enable all people to flourish individually and collectively. We aim to enable individuals to develop an interest in the world around them and equip them with the skills so that they can live a life of value, to be problem solvers and creative thinkers.

 The curriculum is the planned activities that the school organises to promote learning and personal growth and development. Our curriculum includes: the formal requirements of the National Curriculum both core and foundation subjects, a range of extra-curricular activities and the ‘hidden curriculum’ – the social skills and learning behaviours that the children develop based on the way that they are treated and expected to behave so that they grow into responsible people who can work and cooperate with others, contribute positively to their communities and form healthy and successful relationships.

 Although we follow the NC, our curriculum is underpinned by values. These values underpin our approach to the children’s spiritual, emotional and behavioural development and are intertwined throughout children’s learning. We have the three core values of respect, perseverance and generosity which incorporate the further nine values of trust, cooperation and friendship; justice, forgiveness and courage; service truthfulness and thankfulness.

  •  Respect: Through our curriculum, we value and respect the views of each individual.

           Our use of Learning Partners encourages respect between each other.  We value

           our environment and teach respect for our world and how we should care for it for  

           future generations. We value the importance of each person in our school and we

           aim to promote cooperation, friendship and trust between all members of our   

           community through our ‘Sapphire Learning Power’.

  • Perseverance: Through our challenging and inclusive curriculum, we encourage

           perseverance and courage in all aspects of our learning. We achieve this through  

           the use of ‘next steps’, the language of ‘must, should, could’, ‘cold and hot tasks’ and

           the use of our ‘Emerald Learning Power’.

  • Generosity: Through our broad and balanced curriculum, we provide opportunities

           for all individuals to contribute to and make an impact on the school, wider and

           global communities. Our use of restorative justice and stay safe mentors encourages

           truthfulness in the relationships between the children. Our planned and unplanned

           opportunities for ‘awe and wonder’ allow for moments of reflection and thankfulness.

           Our links with our wider community allow the children to participate in and understand

           the value of acts of service. This is encapsulated in our ‘Ruby Learning Power.’


Long Term 2 Year Planning Cycle - click on the links below to view.

EYFS - 2 year Curriculum Map  (Ruby Class)

KS1 -  2 Year Curriculum Map  (Sapphire Class - Years 1 and 2)

KS2 - 2 Year Curriculum Map (Emerald Class (LKS2) - Years 3 and 4 and Diamond Class (UKS2) - Years 5 and 6)