Within an ever changing and technological world, Oaksey Primary School understands and values the importance of teaching Computing from a young age. We acknowledge that future generations will rely heavily on their computational confidence and digital skills in order to support their progress within their chosen career paths.

 Therefore, it is our school’s aim to equip children with the relevant skills and knowledge that is  required to understand the three core areas of Computing (Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy) and to offer a broad and balanced approach to providing quality first teaching of this subject.

 Computing is an integral part of a child’s education and everyday life. Therefore, we intend to support our pupils to access and understand the core principles of this subject through engaging discrete and cross-curricular opportunities. 

 At Oaksey Primary School, we intend to instil an enthusiasm and appreciation of Computing via engaging and well-planned lessons, allowing children to use their skills to create and develop new ideas. We will support children to develop and achieve as competent computational thinkers by integrating these core concepts and approaches across our whole school ethos. We will ensure that pupils develop a respectful and responsible attitude towards using information and communication technology, especially with regards to their own and other’s safety. We will also provide a safe space in which pupils can navigate and interact with the digital world, whilst exploring their own personal expression and identity.

Computing Curriculum Statment

Online Safety Policy

Computing Progression of Skills and knowledge document