Modern Foreign Languages - MFL

In our school we currently teach French from EYFS (Reception) up to, and including Year 6

MFL Intent

At Oaksey CE Primary, it is our intent that our Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) curriculum is ambitious, coherently sequenced and forms an integral part of our broad and balanced curriculum that caters for all learners. A secure progression of both knowledge and skills forms the basis of our curriculum allowing learners to progress with confidence as they move through the school. We aim to foster an inquisitiveness into MFL; deepening pupils’ understanding of languages and the cultures of other countries in order to widen their understanding of the world. 

 We believe that the learning of a language within the primary stage forms a solid foundation for learning other languages, opening future opportunities and equipping pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge to work within the wider world community. It is our intent that all children will be confident in communicating ideas, facts and feelings in both speech and writing whilst also making simple responses to statements by the time they move onto their next phase of education.

Please click on this link for the full MFL Curriculum Statement  

Please Click on this link for the MFL Progression of Skills and Knowledge document