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Children's Learning

We have been hatching eggs into chicks - see how much they grew in 10 days!

Day 1 - the eggs have arrived....

Day 2 - the eggs are cracking...

Day 3 - two chicks are born!

Day 4/5 - eight chicks in total in the brooding box. Reception class help clean out the chicks and hold them.

Day 6/7 - the chicks have a weekend away with Miss Holden!

Day 8 - the chicks have started to grow their baby wings

IMG_20180320_171533.jpg     IMG_20180321_121902.jpg     IMG_20180321_164004.jpg      IMG_20180322_153738.jpg          IMG_20180322_153745 (1).jpg      IMG_20180326_163536.jpg

The Key Stage 2 children following the Lord's Prayer Trail in church, finding out what different parts of the Lord's Prayer means.

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Learn Your Tables

Yr 1&2:

Year 3: Topmarks

Year 4: Cool Maths

Year 5: Woodland Junior

Year 6: Math Trainer

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