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Physical Education

The school is provided with money each year to improve the provision for the children within PE and Physical Literacy.

This money allows us to provide additional PE activities for the children, new resources, training for staff and funding for access to competitive sports. 

Please click here for information about all the PE activities that have taken place this 

Please click here for information on the PE Sports Grant expenditure

In 2017 - 2018 we have used it for funding additional coaching, across the school, in Tag Rugby, Cricket, Nordic Walking and Tennis sessions. The Nordic Walking has been very successful and a competition was set up with Sutton Benger Primary School. The children were interviewed by BBC Wiltshire Radio and their short video explaining Nordic Walking can be seen here.

Nordic Walking by Oaksey School Children

The school also has i-can Sports Coaching to help support staff in curriculum lessons and they run a range of activities during the year, which involve  multi sports skills.

Every class from Year 1 upwards goes swimming for four terms at Cirencester Leisure Centre. This has allowed the school to enter the Mid Wilts Swimming Competition where we have been successful in individual races. 

In 2018 - 2019 we plan to evaluate the effectiveness of these additional physical activities and provide the same or different resources in order to increase the provision and progress of the children.

The netball team ready for action!
The netball team ready for action!

The Sutton Benger and Oaksey Year 3 and 4 children preparing for their cross country running competition

The winning hockey team that travelled to Devizes for the Level 3 game
The winning hockey team that travelled to Devizes for the Level 3 game